More hyrule refinements

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Copyright (C) 2021 Dan Buch
Copyright (C) 2022 Dan Buch
MIT License

@ -13,6 +13,14 @@ Each player is dealt 7 cards, kept secret from other players.
## turn
There are two variations for taking turns. One is strictly a matter
of chance, and is recommended for younger players because it tends
to be faster-paced and has more of a *surprise!* element. The other
variation introduces an element of strategy and is better suited
for players with more _patience_.
### turn: strictly chance
Each player select one card and places it face down in the middle
playing area between themselves and other players.
@ -20,6 +28,16 @@ One the count of 3, all said together in rhythm, each player flips
over their own card. Precedence rules apply and the winning player
takes all cards.
### turn: a bit of strategy
On the first turn, the youngest player goes first. On each
subsequent turn, the player with the most captured cards plays
first. The play order then proceeds counter-clockwise.
Each player selects a card and places it face-up in the center play
area. Precedence rules apply and the winning player takes all
## precedence
The following rules apply across suits and special cards. Cards
@ -33,21 +51,21 @@ cards is the winner. The face values of the cards is not considered
at scoring time. A draw may be handled in a "run-off game" or
ignored as you like.
### clubs ("bombs")
### diamonds ("rupees")
- clubs ("bombs")
- spades ("swords")
- diamonds ("rupees")
### spades ("swords")
### clubs ("bombs")
- diamonds ("rupees")
- spades ("swords")
- hearts
### diamonds ("rupees")
### spades ("swords")
@ -57,7 +75,7 @@ beats:
- clubs ("bombs")
- diamonds ("rupees")
### jokers ("tingles")
@ -68,9 +86,10 @@ listed below.
these cards will be granted special status *only* when played
against a joker ("tingle") and will win with the following
sub-precedence, which is roughly the inverse of the main
- 3 of hearts ("three hearts")
- ace of spades ("master sword")
- 3 of hearts ("three heart challenge")
- 5 of diamonds ("blue rupee")
- 5 of clubs ("bombs")
- 5 of diamonds ("blue rupee")